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Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17 - Handmade by the Pioneers

Well ladies, it has been a busy day for me and I am just barely getting to the post for Friday, and in only about 15 minutes it is going to be Saturday. I found this site earlier on in the day that had separate links to many of the things that Pioneers did. I think as we look at these things, we can be grateful that we don't have to dip our own candles (unless we want to), churn our own butter (once again unless if we want to) and so many other things. Go to the following links and you can see how Pioneers did things. It is fun and interesting and made me appreciate the fact that I live in this day and age, and not when the Pioneers lived, however they wouldn't have known the difference.

I hope that by morning some of these sites are up and running again. I will check back and see, and for some reason, they won't open right now. Enjoy ther rest! Katie G.

This is the site
Here is another source of good information:

Hand dipped candles

Butter Churning

1850 Cross-Cut Sawing



Interesting Recipes

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