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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You have been BOO'd times two.

I am posting this duplicate so that you can come to this extra storage blog to from time to time and see the other things that are not posted on Visiting teaching surprise or Visiting teaching tips, handouts and ideas.  This is sort of my overflow blog and though I don't use it much, there are still some fun things here.  Enjoy!   Katie G.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skit about reporting your Visiting Teaching

My ward is having a Visiting Teaching Conference in the form of a Monthly R.S. meeting and they asked the Visiting Teaching District Supervisors to come up with a skit or something on different subjects in relation to Visiting Teaching.  My own Supervisor called and asked for some help and I quickly wrote up a little skit for her and three other sisters to do.  The music is, like many other skits, My Bonnie lies over the ocean.  This song is simple and everyone knows it and you don't have to have a marvelous voice to sing it, so here goes the skit that I wrote and you are welcome to use it however you like..... just let me know if you will be using it.  Love Katie

Music is to My Bonnie Lies over the ocean

Collette: Hi, Sister, its Collette, you know me

                I’m wondering something you see..

               Have you visited all of you sisters

               Can you share your report now with me?

Sister #1: Oh gosh, oh my, this month has gone quickly for me, you see..

                 Oops well, I’ll have to say… no in home visits from me.

(Both Hang up the phone and then Colette begins to dial another number.)

Collette: Hi Sister, It’s Colette, how are you?

                I’m sure you expected my call…

                So lets get to business, please tell me..

               The visits you made, do you recall?

Sister #2: For goodness sake, Has it been a month? I’ll try to remember that long ago

                 Oh no, I couldn’t go… and my partner, she couldn’t go too!

                My partner was gone on vacation

                Leaving me all the visits to do,

               And I had my family reunion,

              For a week I was down with the flu.

              And my dog she gave birth to her puppies,

              And my window well flooded you know,

             My time was spent bailing the water

            And even missed my favorite TV show.

           So there, as you can see, there was not the time for anyone but me,

          And next month, will be the same, please take all my sisters from me.

(They both hang up the phone, Collette sighs and begins to sing…..)

 Colette:  Now what can I tell Sister Whatcott, my report is so barron , I know

                And those wonderful, sweet darling sisters, who had not a visit to show.

                I have one more sister to contact, I hope her report will be fine

                Because I just hate to bring bad news, and goodness I don’t what to whine….

(Collette begins to dial the phone)

               Hi there, please share, your Visiting Teaching with me oh please…

               I have faith, you’ve done your part, and will set my poor mind at ease.

Sister #3: Oh Collette, I’m so glad that you called me,

                  I know I’m suppose to call you,

                  With all of my Visiting Teaching

                  The moment my visits are through.

                 Dear Sally just had her new baby,

                My partner and I took a meal,

                We tended her two little toddlers,

                She needed our help while she healed.

               And Dear Sister Bateman grows weary,

               Our visits to her take a while,

               But after we left sister Bateman

              We know that our time made her smile.

             And I am so glad you assigned me

             These sisters to Visit and teach,

             I gain so much more than I give them

            Forgive me I’m starting to preach.

Collette:  Thank you , thank you, you’ve told me the words that I longed to hear

                 You have the spirit for a good Visiting teaching career.

Hang up the phone and to the audience, give a thumbs up and say “Yeah!”

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just have to share.... Invitation to Relief Society

Now how cute it this invitation to Relief Society?  What a clever idea to present some fun ideas about womens health, planning for emergencies, and to get goin gon your food storage.  Adorable, and I had to share!  Thanks Meredith, and thanks for your lift as well!
Sincerely, Katie G.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please VOTE for my bag designs

I entered a contest with Smith's food and drug store and now all I need are some votes.   I don't get paid for anything I ever design, but this one time I decided to design something that has potential of winning a prize.  I created 4 designs for their design contest, and you can vote for each of them every day.  It doesn't take over a couple minutes to vote, so if you would, I would love your support. 

Will you go to the following site, and vote for my bags?, and click on "VOTE". Under Find a group, type in "Katie G's Surprise". 

I don't know if you have to register in order to vote, but try just voting and see what happens.  You can vote for each of my bags every day until the end of the contest, which I think is the end of this month.  The bag numbers are #20986 and #20818 and #20703 and #17992.  I don't have the photo of my favorite design  which is "Green World Peas"  but here are the other designs I created. 

This last one is my personal favorite design which is "Green World Peas" I think that one is pretty cute, but please vote for all of them. Thanks and let me know which ones you like the best.

Sincerely, Katie G.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute desktop monitor calendar for April

I just happened upon something that is really cute. It is a desktop monitor calendar. I thought I would share it with those who, like me, need a calendar in front of their eyes most of the time and this one is darling and it is a free download!  Be sure while you go see this, to look at the other cute things she has on her site to spruce up your own blog and most of them are for free!!! Thanks to Lee lou for all her blogging helps! We like freebies don't we?
Enjoy Katie G.

Monday, March 22, 2010

April 2010 Empty Nesters FHE and Easter "EGG" Luncheon

These are the links to the things that I didn't want to put on my blog, so that it was kept a secret until the actual Empty nesters FHE in April and my neighborhood lunch bunch luncheon.  I hope that I figured out how to link to these Word documents, but I think you will have to press Ctrl + Click to get them to open.  If you have trouble, opening them, just email me and I will send them to you via email.  My email is listed on my blog. 

"Planting a Garden"
FHE: Gardening in Containers (April, 2010)
FHE For Empty Nesters who live in Thanksgiving Village in Lehi, Utah

OPENING SONG: Oh What do you do in the Summertime (Katie’s version typed up on handout.)

OPENING PRAYER:_________________________

SCRIPTURE: __________________________

D &C 6:33 - Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.

Isa. 37:30 - ….. “And in the third year sow ye and reap, and plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof.

The opening song sort of gave several clues about what we will be talking about. Our scriptures are stretching a bit in the interpretation but in the D & C it says, that if we do good sowing, we will reap our reward, and since many of us are in our third year living here in Thanksgiving Village, I thought that the scripture in Isaiah was particularly inspired when it said tha tin the third year, we should sow and reap and plant and eat the fruit of our gardens.

President Spencer W. Kimball called upon Latter-day Saints everywhere to produce their own food. For several years, he asked each family to have its own garden. He said: “We encourage you to grow all the food that you feasibly can on your own property. Berry bushes, grapevines, fruit trees—plant them if your climate is right for their growth. Grow vegetables and eat them from your own yard. Even those residing in apartments … can generally grow a little food in pots and planters. Study the best methods of providing your own foods. Make your garden … neat and attractive as well as productive. If there are children in your home, involve them in the process with assigned responsibilities” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 170–71; or Ensign, May 1976, 124).

When President Kimball asked each of us to grow a garden, he reminded us of the words of the Lord: “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).

There are good reasons for this counsel from our prophets. Gardening has many benefits. It expands our appreciation of nature. It teaches the family to work together and gives togetherness time for empty nester couples. When we have a garden that produces well, we are not entirely dependent on others for food. We can select crops we like that provide a nutritious diet. Growing our own food gives us the satisfaction of providing for ourselves. We can also trade produce with our neighbors, save money, and help those in need.

Since we live where there is limited garden space if any, we still can grow some great vegetables just as President Kimball counceled, but just in a different way. You can grow quite a bit of different foods in pots or hanging planters in and around your home, that will even beautify as well as provide fresh fruits and vegetables.

This FHE will help give you some great ideas and teach you how to garden in containers. Did you know you can even plant a garden inside in your home? You can also plant in almost any kind of container. You can even get creative with your containers for planting such as plastic garbage’s, lined baskets, a wagon bed, kitchen canisters, clay pots and even I have seen some really creative planters made out of old boots!. The trick with each of these ideas is to make sure that the bottom of the container has several small drain holes and should be be lined with 2 to 3 inches of small gravel before you put in the topsoil. One other tip is that if you are doing this indoors, make sure that you have some kind of a drip pan, plate, plastic bowl or container underneath or the excess water will come out on your carpet or floor.

If you select bush or dwarf varieties, almost any vegetable can be adapted to growing in a pot. Vegetables that take up little space are carrots, radishes, and lettuce. Others could be tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and green onions. Last year, my main garden was what I called “a summer salad garden”, that was filled with all the things that I love to have in a salad such as different varieties of lettuce, spinach, snap peas, green onions, radishes, and several varieties of tomatoes, all of which can be planted in pots. You will need to place your pots where they will get the most sun, and if it gets too cold before the growing season is over, you can bring them in your house in a sunny window to enjoy your bountiful harvest longer.

I will pass out a chart that show’s you how much dirt you will need in a container to grow some common vegetables. This will give you an idea of what size container you need to use. It also tells you when to plant, days before the harvest begins, and how big the plants will get. These are not the only vegetables that grow well in containers, and you can try almost any kind that is common to our area.


Discuss the different pages of the handout.

CONCLUSION: We can show that we love the Lord and trust Him by doing as His prophets have asked us. Each of us will receive blessings if we will plan and prepare our gardens and then care for them so that they will be orderly and produce well. President Kimball counseled: “Keep your lawns and your gardens well-groomed. Whatever your circumstances, let your premises reflect orderliness, beauty, and happiness. Plan well and carry out your plan in an orderly and systematic manner” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 171; or Ensign, May 1976, 125).

CLOSING SONG: “Plant a Garden” by Sally DeFord
Sung by:________________________
Accompanied by:___________________


MEN – Plant an herb garden in a pot ( I purchased pots at Ikea for only 29cents each and a bag of potting soil.  I also bought a small bag of pea gravel to add to the bottom of the pot before adding the potting soil.  I bought a few packets of herbs, specifically "Chives" to plant. )

WOMEN: Make a seed packet and fill and seal.  ( I printed off  the template for a seed packet that I had created or one that I found on the internet, on cute and Springy flowered scrapbook paper.  The women will cut out the packet and then score along the dotted lines where folds will be with a pen.  Then fold and glue or using two sided tape, secure the packet according to the instructions given on the packet.  Then they will fill their packets with the seeds that I had collected from the yellow flowers that I had planted in my yard last year.  Then they will seal their packet and add a label  that I created that has the scriptures from FHE lesson printed on them.)

CLOSING PRAYER:________________________

DESSERT:  Brownie Sundae w/ toppings  - Bake brownies and slice. Serve with a scoop of Icecream. Toppings include M & M’s Sliced Strawberries, Chocolate topping, Caramel Sauce, Chopped nuts and Crushed Oreo Cookies. OR Flower shaped and Iced Sugar Cookies

HANDOUTS can be printed from the following links:

Other Family Home Eveing Resources:
" Oh what do you do in the Summertime" version by Katie G. can be found at
This is my version of the song "Oh What do you do in the Summertime".  I made up the words to go with all the fun things that me and my neighbors can participate in living where we do, close to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  You could make up your own version and include the activities that you have available to you in your area.

 (Katie’s version)

Verse 1
Oh what do you do in the summertime,
When all the world is green?
Do you fish in our stream?
Eat Thanksgiving Point Ice-cream?
Or walk through the gardens close by?
Is that what you do?
So do I.

Verse 2
Oh what do you do in the Summertime
When all the world is green?
Do you swim in our pool
To keep yourself cool,
Or watch as the train goes by?
Is that what you do?
So do I.

Verse 3
O what do you do in the summertime,
When skies are bright and blue?
Do you golf with some friends,
See a movie and then,
Have a bite to eat somewhere close by?
Is that what you do?
In Lehi.

Verse 4
Oh What do you do in the summertime
When the sun is bright and warm?
Do you plant in a pot
Or a small garden spot
Hang fresh herbs from a string to dry?
Is that what you do?
You can try.

Sally DeFord Music to:  "If I planted a garden"  Go to Sally Deford's music website at the link above and you can print a great copy there.  While you are there, you should look at all the wonderful music that she has written and has been so gracious to share with so many.  If you go to her search area that lets you search her blog, you will find one of my submissions under Easter Cantatas and Christmas Programs. 

This is the Luncheon invitaiton that I made up to email to all the ladies in my neighborhood "Lunch Bunch".  Explaination of what we will be doing at the luncheon will be listed below the invitation.


I have sent this invitaiton out early so that the ladies can have pleanty of time to think about the pot luck side dish or dessert that they will be bringing.  I will be providing the main course.  As you can see, the focus is on Eggs, which I thought would be unique and fun since it is Springtime as well as Easter, and Eggs are a sign of this wonderful season of the year.  I have asked the women to email me their recipe that they will be bringing so that I can make a recipe booklet to give to them, since everyone always asks each other for their recipes, or I will post all the recipes on our Lunch Bunch Blog that I have set up.  The other reason for asking them to send me their recipes is so that I can make sure that everyone doesn't bring their version of the very same dish.  I'd hate to get 10 plates of deviled eggs and 15 bowls of potato salad. 
I have also told the ladies to contact me if they need to about finding unique recipes that have at least one egg or egg white in the recipe.  There are so many and just about every recipe that I can think of, an egg is already in it or could be added without changing the recipe.  Here are some ideas of recipes that have eggs in them:  Quiche, Potato Salad, Chef Salad, Breakfast casseroles, Oriental fried rice, egg drop or sweet and sour soup, All cookies, cakes, and pudding recipes contain eggs, Home made egg noodles and casseroles or dishes that have noodles in them all have eggs, egg nog, egg salad sandwiches, and on and on.  If you google the words "Recipes, eggs" it will take you to lots of recipe sites that you can scroll through the recipes.  I also found a great site "The Incredible, Edible Egg a
Still more findings are:
1. Chef Salad
 served over eggs, asparagas, salmon
11. Tartar Sauce
14. Desserts such as cream puffs, flan, cheesecake, etc. custards, crème brulle
15. Custard puddings, mousse, soufflé, eggnog, egg noodles, crepes, fried rice etc. potato salad,

Oldies but goodies

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