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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emma Vilate Johnson

I came upon this darling picture when I was doing my Pioneer Women Research on the internet. It was such a darling photo, it intrigued me enought that I desired to find out more about this woman. I found this link and found that it took me to a wonderful blogspot that was created by a woman. Her blog is dedicated to family history.

Instead of adding a Pioneer Woman story, I suggest that you go to this blog and see the pioneering efforts of linking family of generations past, to the present and making ancestors live through the stories and photos that are displayed.


  1. This woman is my Great Grandmother....she died when when my grandfather was just 2 years old. She married Charles Martin Lewis and together they had three children, Eddie, Marjorie and my grandfather Samuel Lewis.

  2. This is my Great Grandmother also. My Grandpa is Eddie. Every Memorial and Labor Day we clean her plot in the Mesa Cemetery. Through her we are connected to Benjamin Franklin Johnson. We named our first daughter after her.


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