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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skit about reporting your Visiting Teaching

My ward is having a Visiting Teaching Conference in the form of a Monthly R.S. meeting and they asked the Visiting Teaching District Supervisors to come up with a skit or something on different subjects in relation to Visiting Teaching.  My own Supervisor called and asked for some help and I quickly wrote up a little skit for her and three other sisters to do.  The music is, like many other skits, My Bonnie lies over the ocean.  This song is simple and everyone knows it and you don't have to have a marvelous voice to sing it, so here goes the skit that I wrote and you are welcome to use it however you like..... just let me know if you will be using it.  Love Katie

Music is to My Bonnie Lies over the ocean

Collette: Hi, Sister, its Collette, you know me

                I’m wondering something you see..

               Have you visited all of you sisters

               Can you share your report now with me?

Sister #1: Oh gosh, oh my, this month has gone quickly for me, you see..

                 Oops well, I’ll have to say… no in home visits from me.

(Both Hang up the phone and then Colette begins to dial another number.)

Collette: Hi Sister, It’s Colette, how are you?

                I’m sure you expected my call…

                So lets get to business, please tell me..

               The visits you made, do you recall?

Sister #2: For goodness sake, Has it been a month? I’ll try to remember that long ago

                 Oh no, I couldn’t go… and my partner, she couldn’t go too!

                My partner was gone on vacation

                Leaving me all the visits to do,

               And I had my family reunion,

              For a week I was down with the flu.

              And my dog she gave birth to her puppies,

              And my window well flooded you know,

             My time was spent bailing the water

            And even missed my favorite TV show.

           So there, as you can see, there was not the time for anyone but me,

          And next month, will be the same, please take all my sisters from me.

(They both hang up the phone, Collette sighs and begins to sing…..)

 Colette:  Now what can I tell Sister Whatcott, my report is so barron , I know

                And those wonderful, sweet darling sisters, who had not a visit to show.

                I have one more sister to contact, I hope her report will be fine

                Because I just hate to bring bad news, and goodness I don’t what to whine….

(Collette begins to dial the phone)

               Hi there, please share, your Visiting Teaching with me oh please…

               I have faith, you’ve done your part, and will set my poor mind at ease.

Sister #3: Oh Collette, I’m so glad that you called me,

                  I know I’m suppose to call you,

                  With all of my Visiting Teaching

                  The moment my visits are through.

                 Dear Sally just had her new baby,

                My partner and I took a meal,

                We tended her two little toddlers,

                She needed our help while she healed.

               And Dear Sister Bateman grows weary,

               Our visits to her take a while,

               But after we left sister Bateman

              We know that our time made her smile.

             And I am so glad you assigned me

             These sisters to Visit and teach,

             I gain so much more than I give them

            Forgive me I’m starting to preach.

Collette:  Thank you , thank you, you’ve told me the words that I longed to hear

                 You have the spirit for a good Visiting teaching career.

Hang up the phone and to the audience, give a thumbs up and say “Yeah!”

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  1. I would love to use this at our upcoming RS activity! Thanks so much for your creativity!


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