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Monday, September 7, 2009

Cute Free printables for you & your sisters!

Sometimes I find the darlingest (if that is a word) things while surfing on the internet. Of course my surfing is because I am looking for ideas to pass on to you. I found a very cute site that has so many great ideas for little cute things to do for so many reasons.... like you know little thoughtful gift giving ideas for your visiting teaching sisters. I thought I would share some of them with you. Be sure to copy and paste the links into the search bar, as they are not active when I post here. Have fun ! I will add to the list as time permits. XOXO Katie

1. Printable Little Match book note pad. I would add a mini pen to go with it. and

2. Templates for printing and folding cute little things like milk cartons, cones, boxes, cards, matchbook notepad, folding fan, etc. Very cute and cleaver!

3. Free Printable Grocery Shopping list, Honey Do's, cute birthday cards, recipe cards and other cute lists and printable things.

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