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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keeping COOL in the hot month of August

Katie’s ideas for staying cool in the hot month of August!!!!

1. Bring out the popsicles or watch for the Ice-cream truck in your neighborhood.

2. Invite the grandkids over for a run through the sprinklers.

3. Go to the Mall shopping inside where it is very cool and air-conditioned.

4. Place ice cubes in a wet dish towel and fold around the ice. Put it around you neck and secure with an elastic band. Now see how cool your whole body stays with your neck being kept cool.

5. Don’t bake your meals, as it heats up the whole house. Enjoy cool meals including some of the wonderful cold soup recipes.,1848,147188-242193,00.html

6. Have a get away up the canyon. The temperatures under trees are considerably less!

7. Have you ever thought of installing a mist system on your deck? They are pretty new, and keep everyone cool through misting. They don’t cost very much either.

8. Drink lots and lots of cool water filled with ice cubes. Keep a pitcher in the fridge at all times.

9. Go Ice blocking. First you get the ice blocks and get everyone together. You go to the top of a steep and grassy hill. You put the towels on top of the ice block. (Make sure the towel doesn't hang over the side of the block and touch the ground. Now, sit on the ice block, and have someone push you. It takes a few times before the grass starts to get wet, so be patient. If needed share ice blocks, after all, this is a community builder and get to know you opportunity. Things Needed:
1) Ice Blocks. You can buy them at a store or you can even get them from Gas Stations.
2) Towels. Have each resident bring a towel. Bring extras because someone always forgets.
This does tend to tear up the grass, so I might recommend finding a good hill that's not someone's front lawn. Also, you may need more than one ice block per person. If you put two together under the towel, and rub them, they will eventually melt and stick together. Make sure the towel is stuck to both of them.

10. Get out the baby pool!!!

11. Have a Squirt gun fight!

12. Play Water balloon volleyball using towels to launch the water balloons.

13. Go swimming!

14. Take a cooooool shower.

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